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Valuation for squeeze-outs

If you hold over 90% of the shares issued by a company and are contemplating taking full control, you may take advantage of the conditions specified in Act no. 90/2012 Sb., regulating business corporations and cooperatives. You are permitted to squeeze out the minority shareholders in exchange for reasonable consideration. And an expert opinion is a recognised tool to provide evidence of the consideration being reasonable.

Once the minority shareholders have been squeezed out, you become the sole owner of the company and are in the best position to manage it effectively and save costs.

The Valuation Office RSM CZ will be happy to prepare this kind of expert opinion for you. We have been intensively active in this field of expertise since 2005.

Squeeze-out activity may lead to litigation – whether you are suing or are being sued, we can prepare an expert opinion as your evidence for a hearing or review (in an expert opinion or otherwise) the documents presented by your opponent.

We also offer expert opinions for other types of mandatory repurchase, such as takeover bids and public bids. Even though these have not been so frequent recently, we are ready to prepare these valuations for you.

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