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Valuation of movables

Cars, computers, electronics, machines, tools and equipment. This movable property facilitates the operation of your household and, more importantly, sets your successful business in motion. If you acquire assets from your shareholder (as a contribution or sale) or a company controlled by the same shareholder, it is quite wise to know the fair (market) value of the movable property that is the basis for smooth transactions involving this property.

It is equally important to know the value of the property to be reported under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). It is in cases like these that it is necessary to have an expert estimate of the market value of the property or an expert opinion valuing the movable property.

The RSM CZ Valuation Office is the right choice for you for any of these.

Frequently valued movable property includes, for example, production equipment, plant technology, machinery and means of transport, as well as minor movables.

Our specialised team is ready to help you with these needs in particular:

  • Transfers of assets between related parties
  • Non-monetary movable property contributions in a company
  • Determining the amount of the usual rent for the use of property
  • Other valuations requested by a client or a third party, such as a bank
  • Revaluation of assets for accounting and/or reporting under IFRS
  • Valuation of assets for bankruptcy and similar proceedings

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