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Transformation and restructuring of companies

Mergers, divisions or changes in legal form are methods that are frequently used in company transformations, which may improve the administration of a holding or meet a bank’s requirements for granting a loan. Additionally, legal transformations allow account to be taken of the fair value of assets and liabilities in financial reporting.

Our experience shared within RSM CZ gives us the ability to identify the most suitable method of transformation, perform a valuation and provide additional accounting and tax services required for the transformation to be completed with success.

What can we provide for you in this area?

  • Valuation of the dissolving company’s assets and liabilities in a merger by absorption or the formation of a new company
  • Valuation of a segment of assets in a division by spin-off
  • Valuation of company assets in the event of a change of the legal form

We will also prepare for you

  • Expert reports to review an offer of a merger or review a division project
  • Expert opinions for you to comply with Section 5a of the Act on Transformations (testing the insolvency parameters as per the insolvency law)

Collaborating with other departments and partner lawyers, we are able to offer all the services for a successful transformation.

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Senior Manager

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Head of Valuation

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