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Real Estate Valuation

For most of us, real estate is an everyday part of our lives. On a personal level, we deal with the amount of rent, fees for the associated utilities and mortgage payments or mortgage refinancing. On a professional level, real estate experts deal with acquisition financing, legal, tax or technical invoices, owner-tenant relations, easements, transfers and contributions of real estate or ownership interests in companies dealing with real estate, etc. The occupancy of real estate is associated with the need for its continuous valuation.

If you require a valuation in any form, the RSM CZ Valuation Office is the right choice for you. We have experience with the valuation of residential, administrative and commercial real estate, as well as hotels, logistical and industrial complexes and development projects.


What you can expect from us

In the field of real estate valuation, we will provide you with expert opinions, market valuations, expert letters, economic studies and other expert statements, particularly in the following areas:

  • Acquisition, sale or purchase price allocation
  • Bank financing arrangements
  • Requirements of the Business Corporations Act – non-monetary real estate contributions
  • Requirements of the Act on Transformations of Commercial Companies and Cooperativesmergers, divisions, and partial splits of assets
  • Requirements of the Act on Management Companies and Investment Funds – revaluation before acquisition into the fund’s portfolio or regular revaluation of a fund’s assets
  • One-time or regular fair value valuation for IFRS and US GAAP purposes
  • Purchase price allocation (PPA)
  • Transfer pricing – the prices within a group must be set in the usual amount for tax purposes; the sale or lease of real estate is a typical example
  • Administrative valuation in cases where the relevant legal regulation refers to the Property Valuation Act
  • Real estate valuation for investors and developers with real estate purchase price allocation for the purposes of the VAT Act

We can also provide you with expert opinions for the purposes of court proceedings or revision expert opinions.

Reasons to choose RSM CZ

  • We regularly consult with tax experts or expert lawyers on aspects of valuing real estate or real estate companies.
  • We often present market valuation or expert opinions, if so required by the client, to auditors, lawyers or financing banks.
  • We propose to prepare the valuation in the optimal output form on the basis of the agreed purpose thereof.
  • We can provide the valuation in the form of milestones – indicative valuation and subsequent completion of the final version.

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