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Financial modelling

A financial/cash flow model is an effective tool to manage corporate finance and is also a must if you wish to make an acquisition. The model can focus on the profitability, maximisation of the value, or indebtedness or tax optimisation of the acquisition. All material future financial indicators may be quantified and monitored on an ongoing basis, for example:

  • planning and budgeting revenue and expense items
  • simulating a balance sheet, profit and loss statement and cash flow statement
  • quick valuation of a company using a financial plan
  • simulating indebtedness through loans received from independent entities as well as group entities
  • optimising the company’s value by designing a suitable financing structure; positive effect of debt financing
  • tax-efficient structuring of the finance provided by investors as equity or debt, which includes maintaining an appropriate ratio between its own and external funds in accordance with the low capitalisation rule, interest rate planning, and the effects of exchange rate fluctuation in the case of foreign currency loans
  • repatriating funds to investors according to alternative scenarios – interest payment, debt repayment and dividend payment
  • predicting the tax on profits, optimising the use of tax losses, tax-deductible reserves and tax deductions.

Our Valuation Office prepares more than a hundred expert opinions annually in which financial/cash flow models play a key role. We will be happy to share our rich experience in preparing your financial model.

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