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Liquidation of a company (and closure of a branch)


Liquidation is a way for your company to terminate business. Liquidation represents a legal procedure leading to the termination of your business, i.e., its dissolution and end of legal existence.

Whatever the reason you wish to dissolve your company, you should know that the process of liquidation is rather complex, takes a lot of time and involves a great deal of paper work.

As liquidation involves administrative and legal aspects as well as accounting and tax related ones, it requires the cooperation and coordination of all those advisors.

The required time limits need to be complied with, and it is advisable to be well-prepared for the liquidation, choose the right date for the company to enter the liquidation, and settle all the company’s debts.

Working with our accounting and tax advisors, we are ready to provide you with a full advisory package to make sure that your business will get through the liquidation well and smoothly. We will be there to guide you from start to end and give a clear explanation of any issue.

The service includes:

  • Holding the initial consulting meeting
  • Preparing a time-schedule
  • Coordinating the process from start to end
  • Preparing legal, tax and accounting documentation
  • Calling a general meeting to vote on the company to enter liquidation
  • Terminating the business in terms of taxes and accounts
  • Making sure the liquidation schedule is complied with in due manner and time
  • Deleting bank accounts
  • Completing the liquidation and having the company deleted from the Commercial Register

Closing of a branch

This process is very similar to “liquidation”, but it is not liquidation as such because a branch has no legal capacity.

We will help you with the proper termination of your activities, processing of related documents and subsequent deletion of the branch from the Commercial Register.


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