Czech Republic

Registered office service

Czech law requires that every company has an address registered in the Commercial Register, the so-called registered office.

The legislation currently allows companies to have a so-called virtual headquarters or virtual office, although they do not physically reside at this address.

The provision of a registered office has become a very popular additional service for many of our clients, both when buying one of our ready made businesses or when starting their own business in the Czech Republic.

Our client’s companies are welcome to have their seats registered within the premises of our offices, at a prestigious address: Amazon Court, Karolinská 661, 186 00 Prague 8 Karlín

This service includes, for example:

  • Processing of all documents necessary for the entry of the registered office in the Commercial Register,
  • Production and installation of the company’s identification, including the company registration number, at the entrance to the office area,
  • Collection of mail and handing it over to the client.

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