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Company transformation 

The company transformation is a process in which a business ceases to exist without liquidation. In the context of business corporations law, transformations include:

  • Mergers of companies or cooperatives,
  • Division of companies or cooperatives,
  • Transfer of assets to a partner,
  • Changes in legal form, and
  • Cross-border relocation.

Transformations can be either national, where only Czech business corporations or Czech natural persons are involved or become the successors, or international, where foreign business corporations or foreign natural persons are also involved or become the successors.

In cooperation with our partners, who represent the best law and notary offices in the Czech Republic, we are able to provide our clients with assistance in the transformations of their businesses and thus guarantee a smooth and trouble-free course of this process.

Foreign businesses 

In cooperation with industry-leading international law firms, we are able to provide our clients with the following services:

  • Establishment or purchase of companies in all EU member states,
  • Establishment or purchase of companies in other countries, including jurisdictions with a preferential tax regime,
  • Legal advice to the extent of the client’s needs.

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