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Founding, managing, and liquidating a company abroad

We have many years of experience of implementing, administering and liquidating foreign structures.

These include companies duly incorporated under the respective foreign jurisdiction and with paid capital as required by the law. These companies can be used for holding structures, financing structures, and structures for the ownership of licences or other intellectual property rights.

In cooperation with our tax team members, we are ready to propose a specific solution to optimise your tax liabilities. Our foreign structure implementation services include the following in particular:

  • Arrangement of companies in all EU Member States
  • Arrangement of companies in other countries, including jurisdictions with a preferential tax regime
  • Registered office service and appointment of executive bodies
  • Accounting and tax services

Liquidation of foreign structures

Liquidation of foreign companies is a very demanding and time-consuming process that requires meeting a large number of legal, accounting and tax obligations under the relevant jurisdiction. We provide a comprehensive set of services including supervision and control over the foreign company liquidation process. We will assist you throughout the whole process of liquidation of individual companies or an entire foreign structure.

The high standard of our services is based on many years of experience of working with major international and local clients and long-term partnership with renowned trust companies (RSM CZ’s experience).

High professionalism and confidentiality protection are a matter of course.

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