Czech Republic

Administration and consulting

We will provide your business with a strong administrative base.

Ad hoc administrative services

  • Providing administrative support
  • Drafting corporate documentation
  • Organising general meetings
  • Filing documents in the collection of instruments
  • Obtaining approval for financial statements and the decision on the distribution of profits
  • Assisting in setting up bank accounts

Regular administrative services (Company Secretarial)

Do you want to make sure your company complies with all the corporate duties under current legislation? Do you need someone to keep you up to date with the news that may be relevant to your business and meet with you regularly to review the condition of your company? We also can be helpful in this area.

The service includes:

  • Summarising the current condition of your business
  • Checking whether the information entered in the Commercial and Trade Registers is accurate
  • Checking whether the information entered in the register of beneficial owners is accurate
  • Checking the Collection of Instruments (the publication of financial statements)
  • Giving you timely information on new developments in corporate affairs
  • And anything else as may be relevant to the nature of your business


Need local assistance with specific aspects regarding your business? Possessing local knowledge and being familiar with local practices, we can assist you in obtaining answers to a range of questions and accomplishing tasks that otherwise might be difficult, such as:

  • Assisting in setting up bank accounts
  • Preparing analyses and memoranda on a subject of your choice
  • Market research
  • Reaching out to your potential local trading partners, suppliers and clients, and facilitating communication
  • Giving local assistance for the implementation of your projects, such as sale or purchase of a company
  • Finding suitable office space
  • Giving local support for audits, such as inspecting an establishment, taking pictures or drafting documentation
  • And anything else as you may need and request

Contact persons

Anna Pačesová

Head of Corporate Services

+420 226 219 000


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