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Integration of information systems and IT in transactions

Today, transactions inevitably entail the necessity to connect information systems of new companies. Such integrations are usually related to:

  • Accounting and financial systems – the finances of a subsidiary should be monitored at all times
  • CRM systems – customer bases to generate synergies and provide better service of common clients
  • ERP systems – for example, where a transaction is conducted between companies related in the production cycle, an ERP system may significantly simplify the exchange of information and production planning
  • DMS systems – newly formed companies must exchange documents and also have an opportunity to create joint documents and strategies
  • Consolidation and introduction of attendance and holiday leave registration systems, travel orders; internal processes should not be underrated in any company
  • Greater bargaining power used to obtain more advantageous licences – during transactions, a situation may occur when it is advantageous to purchase software licences as a group; at that moment, cheaper licences and better support can be obtained
  • Audit on IT security and readiness for the GDPR – IT system security and client and employee personal data protection should be kept in mind during all integrations and transactions; data leaks, either due to improper internal processes or an external attack, may cause huge financial as well as reputational damage
  • Hardware and software equipment inspections in companies
  • Inspections of data storages from a security, access and financial perspective

We provide clients with comprehensive services in information technologies – an asset each management will surely appreciate in transactions that are very complex by definition.

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