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VAT Compliance Services – Reviews of VAT Returns

We have provided with tax consultancy many major Czech, Slovak and international companies. Our well – coordinated team and extensive experience with similar projects allow us to provide efficient and reliable solutions tailored to your needs.


As part of our VAT Return Tax Review service, we offer a review of your VAT returns processed by your accounts department by our tax specialists. Within the scope of the tax audit, a random check of the VAT application is carried out, focusing on individual transactions in a given tax period, i.e. for example the details of invoices, the entitlement to VAT deductions on individual standard transactions, and also whether VAT is applied in accordance with the valid VAT Act. The audited VAT return is then signed by one of our tax advisors and sent electronically to the relevant tax office.

As regards complex VAT issues arising from business practice and planned extraordinary transactions, our tax department also offers the processing of tax analyses in the form of written opinions.

It is a priority for us that our opinions are comprehensible and our recommendations clear for you. The opinions we deliver normally contain our expert statement concerning the query and recommendations on how to proceed further (this part is always as brief as possible, providing the client with a clear recommendation on how to proceed), and also a detailed justification of our opinion, including references to the legislation or literature used.

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Kateřina Provodová

Head of Tax Czech Republic

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Branch Manager RSM Slovakia

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Milan Šaran

Head of Tax Slovakia

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