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Preparation of corporate income tax returns

The preparation of corporate income tax returns is one of our standard services. This service includes the following: collecting and processing of documents necessary for a tax return, a random check of the documents (including accounting documents) and of the accounting methods all based on our special methodology, the calculation of tax, completing the statutory form and filing the tax return with the competent tax authority.

When preparing a corporate income tax return we generally focus on auditing cost and revenue accounts, where we monitor the tax relevance of selected items, carry out random checks on the tax depreciation of assets and residual values of assets disposed of, benefits, tax provisions for bad debts and other problematic areas on the basis of our special methodology.

In addition to the return itself, we prepare a report which includes a more detailed calculation of the tax liability and a warning of any risks.

In preparing the tax return we always cooperate closely with you, specifying the level and focus of the audit in relation to the risk areas identified in the line of your business. We guarantee high professionalism, both formal and substantial accuracy of the outputs, and the application of all the possible deductions and tax reliefs set out by tax regulations.

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