Czech Republic

Payroll and HR management outsourcing

We provide comprehensive payroll processing services in compliance with Czech law. Payroll accounting is kept at your company’s offices where all documents and data are recorded and effectively protected against misuse.

Payroll outsourcing includes the following services:

  • Monthly payroll processing
  • Electronic transfer of employee attendance records
  • Payslips – pre-enveloped payslips distributed in paper form or by email in password-protected PDF format
  • Payroll payments made for you or directly to your Internet banking system
  • Accounting documents automatically transferred to your accounting system
  • Registration with the social security administration, health insurance companies and tax authorities
  • Registration and de-registration of employees with health insurance companies and the social security administration
  • Delivery of summaries to pension funds and life insurance companies
  • Pension insurance registration documents (ELDP)
  • Annual income tax statements for employees
  • Annual reporting to tax authorities – advance income tax statements, withholding tax statements
  • Completion of statistical reports
  • Notifications of compliance with the mandatory rate of employees with disabilities

Contact persons

Jiřina Kovaříková

Head of Payroll

+420 731 193 980

Natálie Márová

Head of International Clients and Implementation

+420 226 219 000

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