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Payminator – employee annual income tax statements

Each year, all employees must fill in and sign the Taxpayer’s Statement (annual income tax statement). This is a notorious pink form that is signed by the employees during a year (usually when starting work) and then at the beginning of the next year when a summary account of prepayments of tax and tax benefits is rendered and personal income tax on employment is calculated. This procedure involves a huge amount of work and is demanding for employees and especially for payroll accountants who are responsible for the entire process. PAYMINATOR has been developed to deal with the complexity of the pink form and the annual income tax statements.


PAYMINATOR is an online application for all businesses that want to save time and money associated with completing forms. It provides a modern and comfortable solution enabling employees to fill in their annual income tax statements alone using an interactive form. This is a specially revised Taxpayer’s Statement form that has been simplified to allow brand new starts to go through the process without any difficulties, in just a few minutes. The interactive form is divided into several steps including questions where the user provides Yes/No answers or a short response. Throughout the processes, each employee is notified of any missing documents, approaching deadlines or steps that need to be taken to claim tax reliefs and bonuses. Once the interactive form is completed, the data will be transferred to the official form that is completed and ready to be used by the employee and payroll accountants.

The application is accessible on all standard devices (computers, smart phones, tablets) and fully functional anytime anywhere. When completing the form, the employee need not be in the office or located in a particular place to log in to the application. Employees may access the application at any time during the year and upload digital certificates to claim monthly reliefs, without the necessity to come to the payroll or the HR department. The payroll accountant can take the monthly relief data and import them directly into the payroll software. In addition, all Taxpayer’s Statements are archived in the application to allow the client to print past forms at any time.

The application remembers data entered in the past. This allows employees who completed the form in the application in the previous year to go through the process even faster. The application is also available in English for employees who do not speak Czech. A help desk service, FAQs and video tutorials are available and ready to support the employees where necessary.


  • PAYMINATOR gets your employees involved in obtaining reliefs and allows them to get the maximum relief
  • PAYMINATOR allows your employees to enter the tax relief individually, including related documentation
  • PAYMINATOR makes ongoing calculations of the relief, so you always know what to look forward to
  • PAYMINATOR makes everything easier and turns a problem into a nice experience topped with the relief obtained
  • PAYMINATOR reduces and simplifies the work of the HR department
  • PAYMINATOR automatically organises annual withholding statements and reminds employees of approaching deadlines
  • PAYMINATOR provides accurate and precise information about individual reliefs, thus eliminating any errors
  • PAYMINATOR enables mass employee entries and administration
  • PAYMINATOR enables ongoing monitoring and transfer to the ERP of changes in reliefs
  • PAYMINATOR enables monitoring and transfer to the ERP of changes in employee personal data
  • PAYMINATOR trusts, but verifies – applications are checked by an expert at RSM or your company in all cases
  • PAYMINATOR speaks Czech and English
  • PAYMINATOR will not leave you to your own devices
  • PAYMINATOR provides user support by means of a telephone help desk service and FAQ’s
  • PAYMINATOR explains technical terms simply in the help guides integrated into individual steps
  • PAYMINATOR makes automatic checks on data entered in the application and sends notifications of any errors
  • PAYMINATOR simplifies the entry of reliefs for the new year by carrying forward last year’s reliefs
  • PAYMINATOR is regularly updated to comply with statutory requirements
  • PAYMINATOR archives all entered information and documents provided in digital form
  • PAYMINATOR prevents data loss and enables simple search
  • PAYMINATOR never sleeps and is available and functional 24 hours 7 days a week
  • PAYMINATOR can be accessed from anywhere by computer, mobile or tablet
  • PAYMINATOR complies with statutory requirements for personal data protection
  • PAYMINATOR is prepared for gradual moves towards e-government
  • PAYMINATOR uses two-factor password authentication.

Our method of dealing with the annual income tax statements is based on the interaction of each employee with the PAYMINATOR online application.

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