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Payminator – the app that saves you time and money when managing tax rebates

The Payminator web app was developed in order to save businesses time, effort and money associated with paperwork and lengthy administration related to tax rebates. Your company, too, can rely on the automation and digitalization of the Taxpayer Declaration and Annual Accounting Request.


Payminator’s benefits

Let’s briefly look at the main advantages of the app.

No unnecessary paperwork

The app lets you fill in the forms electronically and easily without any paperwork. This saves time and is good for our planet.

Efficient and intuitive form filling.

Your employees will no longer need help filling out the forms, because with the app they can easily do it themselves in a few minutes.

Export to payroll system

You can easily upload data from the application to your payroll system to save yourself a lot of time.


Once your employees fill out the forms for the first time, the app will remember their details and will even notify them of important deadlines and expiry dates.

Access from anywhere at any time

Neither maternity leave nor home office can prevent you from managing your tax agenda. You can log in to the app from anywhere at any time.

Digital archiving

Say goodbye to the stacks of paper that you have to keep at your company. The app keeps documents in a digital archive in which you can easily find them and access them whenever you need to.

Statistics and reports

Have all your employees filled out their forms? The app gives you a perfect overview of form completion. You will know who has already submitted theirs, as well as whose requests have been approved or rejected, how many employees file their own tax returns, etc.

In Czech and English

The application is available in both Czech and English, so it is easy to navigate for foreigners too.

Available on all devices

The app is available on all common devices, i.e. on your computer, phone and tablet.


Employees filling out forms who need advice can ask the form approver or contact our technical helpdesk.


The management of tax rebates is completely secure. The app runs on a secure server and users log in with two-step verification.

Continuous development

We keep working on the app in order to offer the most efficient tool possible for managing tax and HR administration. Right now, we are, for example, working on a connection to the Nugget payroll system. With this, you will be able to generate record sheets or taxable income certificates for your employees directly in their folder in the app.

We will tell you more in person

The app is suitable for all companies that want to improve their tax rebate and annual settlement process. If you are interested in the app, contact us and we will give you a live demo. Either at your company or online.

Get rid of the hassle of tax administration and switch to an efficient digital solution with Payminator.


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Product manager

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