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Are you making steps to create more sustainable business?  If so, and especially if the stakeholders are imposing certain CSR requirements, you will want to present your achievements to your stakeholders in order to communicate the progress and another goals.

It is important to set your CSR initiatives correctly to be able to uphold and increase your company´s reputation. RSM can guide you through this non-financial reporting and help you create your impact report from drafting to auditing.

Impact dashboard

If you want to show your stakeholders specific sustainability achievements or want to start measuring and focusing on non-financial reporting, impact dashboard is right product for you. This dashboard will show you where the company is headed and will also display 3-5 indicators of your company to help to get better overview of your CSR achievements.

CSR report

CSR Reporting will soon be obligatory for almost every entity that is in the European union and that is why it is important to start to work out your company´s strategy around it sooner rather than later. CSR report is document in which you track your objectives and set out all relevant topics in more detail. It also allows you make strategic choices in order to create more sustainable economy.

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