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The RSM Apps package is a comprehensive solution for your company that also comprises other applications. As a result, the package covers processes across your company. Other functions of the applications also include: Incoming and outgoing mail including connection to data boxes; Knowledge database Requests Internal helpdesk RSM Apps will simplify your processes. They are […]

Document Management System (DMS)

Our solution aims to streamline as much as possible all activities relating to the processing of internal and external documents that must be registered and approved in a company. The main idea is based on the digitisation of hardcopy documents that are then processed into an electronic copy according to predefined clear rules. Main benefits […]


Data summary The data summary serves to aggregate and consolidate data from different systems. This feature provides a comfortable and effective form of data presentation that can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.


Our RSM Apps fully support HR management. They enable complete administration and registration of employee hierarchy, including keeping attendance and absence records. A special section is dedicated to travel expense reports. The section considerably simplifies and streamlines the management of this generally complex process that is often very protracted and bureaucratic in companies. The applications […]


Our RSM Apps are fully capable of managing small and large projects. The applications cover all projects stages, from initiation to termination. The solution allows users to monitor and report employee performance and provides all-in-one applications tailored precisely to your business and your projects. The applications are open (support the universal XML API interface), which […]

RSM Apps – Simple applications for effective organisations

Key features Maximum adaptation The entire solution is highly flexible and can be adjusted to the client’s needs. Users only use what they really need. Credibility and verifiability All user transactions are archived, including the history of changes in individual form fields. Uniform control The applications are designed to allow direct and intuitive control. All […]