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The Global Real Economy – analysis and business insights

The Global Real Economy is a new bi-annual e-publication, which includes economic and other business insights to reflect the RSM network’s global reach and its ability to provide world-class audit, tax and consulting services to leaders of entrepreneurial, growth-focused companies around the world. This global perspective mirrors the growth of the middle market, which is expanding internationally and becoming an increasingly important piece of the global economy.

In this inaugural edition, RSM US Chief Economist Joe Brusuelas and fellow RSM leaders from India, Europe and Latin America share insights and analysis on a range of important global, macroeconomic concerns, including:

· Global financial conditions
· The effects of U.S. policy normalization on global central banks
· Predictions and analysis of central banking activity in thirteen emerging markets
· India’s economic growth prospects
· Key considerations for middle market firms exploring international expansion
· Economic conditions in Latin America

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