Czech Republic


Regular updates of transfer price settings minimise the risk of deviating from the market standard

Last year, the Ministry of Finance issued Guideline GFD D – 34, “Communication on the Application of International Standards in the Taxation of Transactions between Associated Companies – Transfer Prices” as a response to the updated OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations from 2017. Guideline D – 34 provides practical recommendations […]

Economy and stock markets

The beginning of a new year is always associated with keeping or giving up on New Year’s resolutions as well as expectations as to what the coming year will be like. As for economics, we have taken a quick look at what development is suggested by the German stock market. If these expectations are fulfilled, […]

RSM CZ now offers specific real estate valuations for investors and developers from VAT perspective

When dealing with acquisitions of large properties intended for further development, we have recently received requests for expert opinions on purchase price allocations for the purposes of the VAT Act (Section 56 of Act No. 235/2004 Sb., on Value Added Tax). The valuations were related to brownfield sites in attractive locations in large cities where […]

Average multiples by sector and comparison with stock exchange data¹

Do you wish to get an indicative valuation of your company? One of the options is to apply sector multiples. However, this might not be as simple as it seems. Valuation based on market comparison is one of the methods that are based on capital market analyses. This method relies on the basic valuation premise […]

We lecture at the University of Economics in Prague (VŠE)

For the second time in this semester, RSM CZ&SK advisers presented lectures at the largest and the most prestigious university of economics in the Czech Republic, VŠE. Our company was first well represented by RSM Technology who introduced the students to NetSuite’s Cloud ERP System. In the next stage of the semester, they were joined […]

Do your intra-group interest rates comply with the arm’s length principle?

In the context of inspections carried out by the financial administration which focus on transfer pricing, we have registered an increasing demand for examining or ensuring compliance of interest rates on related-party credits and loans with the arm’s length principle. How are the interest rates determined in such cases? The terms of loans and credits […]

Tax risks in real estate transactions, or when machinery is part of a structure

The new Civil Code effective since 2014 has introduced a new rule under which fixed machinery can become part of a structure. This leaves most machinery and structure owners rather cold, but only until the property is to be sold. A real estate sale transaction gives rise to a tax obligation to pay real estate […]

Bank requirements for expert assessment related to financial assistance

The recent increase in transaction activity in the market and in acquisition financing has prompted financing banks to require an assessment of fair conditions under which financial assistance is given, as laid down in Section 200(1)(a) and Section 311(a) of the Companies Act. In acquisition financing, the parent company (the buyer) very often makes use […]

High-quality expert opinion as evidence in a lawsuit

In recent years, we have seen an increasing demand for expert opinions for litigation purposes. Practice has shown that a well-prepared expert opinion that the expert can defend in the proceedings constitutes a material basis for claiming damages and for the court’s decision. A major change in the practice of expert opinions prepared for lawsuits […]

Real estate value upon spin-off

In connection with company restructuring, in recent years we have seen companies dividing the manufacturing activities from asset management. Real estate spin-off into a separate entity brings numerous advantages, the biggest being: more efficient company management processes and lower costs easier bank financing increased asset liquidity assets become more attractive for potential sale of the […]