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Are you familiar with the transfer pricing settings?

Transfer Pricing is typically one of the most significant tax issues for multinational groups, given its subjectivity. Increasingly, tax authorities worldwide are looking to ensure that profits are not inappropriately shifted through non-arm’s length pricing. It is no different in the Czech Republic. RSM is pleased to launch TP On Demand, a series of 10-minute videos, available  any time.  Join our […]

The total value of the properties we appraise each year is in the billions; we can appraise your real estate, too!

But our valuation office does more than just real estate appraisals. We also determine the value of businesses, intellectual property and financial assets. We are also experts in a number of other areas – from corporate transformations and restructurings to transfer pricing and various economic advisory services. Perhaps in connection with COVID. Have you suffered […]

The impact of extraordinary economic situations on the setting of transfer prices

After the first months of 2021, it seems that this year will also be significantly influenced by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is especially the economic consequences of the pandemic that are discussed in this context. Even in extraordinary times like these, groups of related companies should not give up on proper transfer […]

Overlooked aspects of transfer pricing

As transfer pricing has recently gained in importance for both taxpayers and tax authorities, many companies have already taken the steps necessary to ensure their intragroup prices are set correctly. Nevertheless, we often encounter situations in which companies pay insufficient attention to these relationships or set them up incorrectly. Prices between related companies may generally […]

COVID-19 pandemics and cyclical sectors – recovery, or an altered economic position?

For significant events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, we can be tempted to believe that their effects are uniform across sectors. Leaning on the international Capital IQ database operated by Standard & Poors, this article shows that even in cyclical sectors, investors perceive the impact differently. Solid data is of paramount importance for economic decisions […]

Economy in hibernation and cost of financing

This newsletter loosely follows our previously published comment concerning the development of real estate prices in the context of the economic downturn, with a specific focus on the impact on what are called Prime Yields. In this article, we complete our view with the possible development of the cost of the financing of real estate […]

Coronavirus and Real Estate

What impact can the coronavirus have on the valuation of commercial real estate? Having hit almost all areas of the Czech economy, the COVID-19 pandemic is, without doubt, one of the main and hottest topics. Having paralysed business activity, put the lid on a number of manufacturing plants, stopped tourism, and shut down restaurants and […]

Regular updates of transfer price settings minimise the risk of deviating from the market standard

Last year, the Ministry of Finance issued Guideline GFD D – 34, “Communication on the Application of International Standards in the Taxation of Transactions between Associated Companies – Transfer Prices” as a response to the updated OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations from 2017. Guideline D – 34 provides practical recommendations […]

Economy and stock markets

The beginning of a new year is always associated with keeping or giving up on New Year’s resolutions as well as expectations as to what the coming year will be like. As for economics, we have taken a quick look at what development is suggested by the German stock market. If these expectations are fulfilled, […]

RSM CZ now offers specific real estate valuations for investors and developers from VAT perspective

When dealing with acquisitions of large properties intended for further development, we have recently received requests for expert opinions on purchase price allocations for the purposes of the VAT Act (Section 56 of Act No. 235/2004 Sb., on Value Added Tax). The valuations were related to brownfield sites in attractive locations in large cities where […]