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Kickstart a digital revolution in your business with us: New opportunities in the MIT – Digital Enterprise Call

Technology has become a core part of business, promising greater efficiency, competitiveness and innovation. Companies must be willing to embrace technological changes and evolve with them. The aim of the new call of the Ministry of Industry and Trade is to subsidise the digital development of SMEs through the purchase and implementation of advanced digital technology.

Which businesses will benefit from the call?

The subsidies are intended for small and medium-sized enterprises with branches in the Czech Republic outside the city of Prague (but the company’s headquarters may be located in Prague).

Call allocation

CZK 500 million (if there is a significantly high number of quality projects, the Managing Authority may increase the allocation appropriately)

How much support can be provided to a project?

The subsidy for a single project is provided in the amount of at least CZK 250,000 up to a maximum of EUR 200,000.

  • Support for small enterprises – 40% of total eligible expenditure
  • Support for medium-sized enterprises – 30% of total eligible expenditure

What types of expenditures are supported in the Call?

  • Tangible fixed assets
  • Intangible fixed assets
  • Services and other expenditure
  • Indirect costs

What activities and products can be subsidised?

  1. Digital transformation of the company – includes the purchase of non-production technologies (e.g. MES, MIS, etc.) which will be integrated into a functional unit to enable more efficient management and operation of the company.
  2. Implementation of logistics and warehousing technologies and other non-production technologies, such as the acquisition of autonomous robots for transporting goods or robotic cleaning of the company’s premises, as well as the deployment of WMS and similar software.
  3. Improvements in internal connectivity (including sensor networks) through the installation of active and passive network elements and necessary metering techniques and installation materials, as well as secure and reliable mobile access for employees. This includes the use of smart sensors to monitor operating parameters such as energy consumption, temperature, current status, etc.
  4. Ensuring cybernetic security through the integration of new IT solutions, systems and security, including the services of consultants and computer security experts.
  5. Providing one-time training with certification and the necessary tools for obtaining international certificates in IT and environmental sustainability of buildings, including digital skills certifications.
  6. Implementation of BIM and CDE systems for creating digital models in construction and related industries.
  7. The creation of a digital twin or a similar proof-of-concept study for the digital transformation process.

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