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Efficient facility management to optimise costs

Facility management can enable financial costs of operation and maintenance to be set at an advantageous level. In addition, a favourably arranged system of property management and facility maintenance will release time and resources for further development of your business. Is facility management starting to appeal to you yet? The industrial property market in the […]

Online registration by notaries

The Act on Public Registers of Legal Persons and Individuals, effective since 1 January 2014, now makes it possible for notaries to enter data in public registers. However, in practice, they have been permitted to make such records only since May.

Archive certificate no longer required for company strike-off from the Commercial Register

Enclosures that must be provided with an application to strike a company off the Commercial Register also include a certificate confirming that the method of dealing with a liquidated company’s documents has been discussed with the regional state archive having jurisdiction over the liquidated company’s registered office.

Governance system of joint-stock companies changed

The Companies Act which took effect on 1 January 2014, has brought a number of changes. One of them applies to the management of joint-stock companies.

Notarial deed form required for some powers of attorney

Section 441 (2) of the new Civil Code (Act No. 89/2012 Sb.) provides that, if a special form is required for a legal act, a power of attorney must be granted using the same form. However, this seemingly simple provision will cause major complications for a number of companies, both in terms of time and finances.

New rules on limited liability companies

August 2013 - The new Civil Code and the Companies Act will bring changes affecting the operation of limited liability companies. How to best adapt to these changes?

Last chance to approve financial statements and distribute 2012 profit is approaching

Penalties for failure to meet your statutory obligations concerning the approval and publication of financial statements could be more costly. Therefore, it is advisable to comply with the law. The deadline for fulfilling such duties is 30th June. What could your company face after this date?

End of anonymous shareholders in the Czech Republic

The bill is going back to the Chamber of Deputies in a stricter form. The Senate decided it should be complemented with two amendments. We can now expect changes to the Public Procurement Act and the Act on Promoted Energy Sources. Take a look – will these changes also affect you?

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