Czech Republic

The digitisation of HR processes is a win for both businesses and their employees

Digital technology and social media are changing the world around us. The way companies operate, communicate and ensure effective management of their internal processes is changing too. The pandemic has made it clear that the situation can change literally overnight and has highlighted the importance of having HR processes as digitised as possible.

So what are the ways to successfully implement digitisation into practice? Analysing the company’s HR processes and how they are set up should be the first step. This analysis gives you an insight into how the processes work and what their inputs, outputs and relationships are. Following a detailed analysis, it is time to identify a suitable IT solution that will help you to digitise all the processes in a simple and effective manner to achieve both time and cost savings, cut down on paperwork and standardise the processes.

In general, HR processes can be divided into several core areas. Digitising them benefits everyone – the employer and existing employees, as well as job applicants. Finding and hiring new staff members is the first core area. Success in this area depends crucially on the speed of recruitment (protracted decision making may drive talent away) and good communication and coordination inside the company as multiple managers tend to be involved in candidate selection at the same time. The recruitment process also includes the potential employee’s first contact with the company, and this experience often plays a significant role in their accepting the job offer.

Employee onboarding and offboarding is the second major group of processes. Paperwork and adherence to mandatory deadlines play the key role here. Digitising and automating these processes will save your HR department plenty of time and resources while also ensuring that none of the numerous documents that are mandatory is forgotten. As part of digitisation, you will also get a digital signature, an indispensable tool in today’s era of remote work, which both saves time and gives employees the much-desired flexibility.

Robust employee data storage and management is the third core area and one where constant attention to transparency, accuracy and security is paramount. If implemented properly, digitisation gives you peace of mind that all information about your employees is managed in accordance with the law and securely stored and that all changes are recorded. Digitisation will also empower you with analysis and reporting tools to significantly accelerate and streamline work.

Closely related to organisational culture, the fourth area of HR processes focuses on the development and management of talent. It should be extremely important for every good employer to continuously educate their employees, maintain their know-how and train future managers on an ongoing basis. This is related to the process of employee evaluation and feedback. Digitisation will allow you to maintain control over these important processes and have all the necessary information up to date, well organised and readily available. Compensation, benefits and incentive programme set-up are the last area of significant importance. By automating and setting up processes in a systematic way, you will save both time and money while also minimising errors, which are very common without digitisation, especially in large enterprises.

Intuitive, simple to use and highly efficient, Bamboo HR is an attractive cloud solution covering all the HR processes of small and medium-sized enterprises. The range starts with a basic package of HR management processes including a convenient “Employee Self-Service”. The basic package can be extended with various add-ons such as Onboarding, Offboarding, Training and more to meet your specific needs. We have an expert team to support you in implementing and using the system.

And what are the key benefits of going digital? First of all, you get a practical analysis of the company’s current state. Improving your HR processes and eliminating any errors on the basis of the analysis will pave the way to growth and more efficiency. The benefits of digitisation, which is virtually essential for business growth today, will rapidly return your investment in the digital transformation. The key benefits of going digital include less paperwork and associated time savings and enhanced transparency, secure data storage and effective data use through analysis, streamlined reporting and time tracking, financial savings and automation of routine operations. For employees, HR process digitisation means more flexibility, streamlined reporting of time off and sick leave, a faster way to update their personal data and, last but not least, a faster and more transparent recruitment process. Available alternatives for Czech and Slovak businesses of various sizes include the Nugget SW system, which provides a flexible and customised solution for payroll and human resources management, including an employee portal.

Want to learn more about how to improve your HR processes? Our expert team is happy to help you and tailor a solution for you.