Czech Republic

The deadline for announcing bank accounts to tax administrators is coming

In accordance with the VAT Act amendment, which has been effective since 1 January 2013, VAT payers are obligated to inform tax administrators of all bank accounts used for their business activities. Payers are also obligated to specify those accounts they wish to be listed on the publicly available register of VAT payers.

VAT payers must convey this information to tax administrators by 28 February 2013 using the “Notification of change in registration data” form (“Oznámení o změně registračních údajů”), which is available here.

The information of the accounts that will be listed in the register (as of 1 April 2013) will serve to determine liability of a taxable supply recipient. This means that if a customer makes a payment to their supplier’s account which is not in the VAT register, the customer then becomes liable for the output tax the supplier must pay on this supply. If the supplier fails to pay the tax, the tax authority may require the customer to pay VAT. This method has been used with all customer payments for taxable supply to foreign bank accounts (even in the case a foreign bank account is stated in the register).

If a payer fails to announce their bank account numbers by 28 February 2013, the tax administrator will disclose all bankaccounts it has in its records (i.e. those that were stated in the registration application).

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