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Challenges to Family Companies with an External CEO

Generational changes in family businesses traditionally take one of three different forms. In the first case, the family has a young member who is able and willing to assume leadership. The second option is to hire a CEO from outside the family, which we will discuss here. The third option is to sell the business […]

Intergenerational transfer of competencies

The current issue of our newsletter looks at intergenerational transfer. But this time, it is not about the transfer of wealth but the transfer of competencies and the responsibility for the management of family wealth. The intergenerational transfer of family wealth is one of the fundamental issues faced by each successful family. Besides the transfer […]

Preparing a family and its wealth for intergenerational transfer

Interview: Michal Šubín, Jean François Cats More and more business families in Slovakia started discussing generational succession. They face a wide range of questions they seek to answer, discovering that they are learning on the fly, so they have less time for preparations than they would need. Representatives of RSM CZ Family Office, Jean François […]

Why you should talk about property with your children at least once a year

‘I am perhaps the only person in my family who keeps track of all family stakes’, half-jokingly said Réka Világi at a recent conference on family businesses organised by the TREND Weekly. This was in response to the topic of distributing wealth to descendants. In this context, the head of the family should know what […]

Transfer of property to children

One the main risks faced by the first generation of business families in Slovakia and the Czech Republic is the transfer of property to their children and the next generations in a manner so as to prevent the property from causing harm to the family and its immediate social circle in the future. This may […]

Long-term management of family investments requires clearly defined rules and regular checks

Finding the right moment for purchasing or selling a security is every investor’s dream. Sometimes this can be achieved. However, no one, even major investors, can have such luck every single time. The only solution is to be constantly present on the market and have investments distributed in a manner complying with your investment plans […]

Every entrepreneur should save the biggest and the best deal for last…

At first glance, this may seem illogical. How can you predict whether a deal is the biggest or best or that another even bigger and better offer will come along? However, the truth is that passing your assets to the next generation is essentially the biggest business deal we carry out (because entire accumulated wealth […]

People don’t know how to stay rich

Family Office services offered by RSM, the world’s number 7 in audit, are used by the richest families in all parts of the world, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Many of them have accumulated their wealth in the last hundred years. What do rich families need and how much wealth did they lose during […]

Interview with Rolf Mählmann, Head of Family Owned&Managed Businesses

This issue of our regular Family Office Newsletter takes us to Bremen, an old Hanseatic town where the tradition of family businesses is deeply rooted.  The history of family businesses offers extensive experience with property transfers between generations and may inspire successful families in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This time, we have discussed succession […]

Do you know that 60% of family businesses have no idea what will happen when the existing head of the family decides to retire?

Do you know that 60% of family businesses have no idea what will happen when the existing head of the family decides to retire? Do you know that 70% of families have failed to successfully transfer their capital from the second to the third generation? Do you know that up to 60% of affluent families […]