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New management in Infinity

New management inInfinity,Monika Marečková appointed managing director of Infinity

Monika Marečková was appointed the new managing director of Infinity on 20 January 2016. Monika has replaced Jaroslav Procházka who terminated his office on the same day. However, he continues to be a member of the company’s board of directors.

Monika’s objective will be to strengthen the connection between the IT technologies of Infinity and traditional financial consultancy of RSM CZ where Monika remains the managing partner and the chair of the board of directors. A key focus for Infinity for 2016 will be cloud services, outsourcing and information system implementations, along with related accounting, payroll and HR consultancy and taxes.

“While traditional services we at RSM CZ offer (such as bookkeeping, payroll processing and tax advice) are increasingly more about technologies, Infinity, just as the entire IT sector, is changing into a service provider. In addition, today, decisions regarding the purchase of IT services are made by CFOs or company owners rather than their in-house IT teams. And this is our target group which we understand. Therefore, it makes perfect sense for us to join forces and offer these services together. After my first few days in Infinity, I’m very positive. I am convinced that it is company full of professionals who have something to offer to clients and understand their vision”, says Monika Marečková, commenting on the reasons for entering into the partnership. She adds: “The combination of Infinity and RSM CZ will create a team of more than 150 professionals and our projected turnover is expected to be approx. CZK 270 million, of which CZK 190 million would be generated from services.”

Monika has more than twenty years of experience with managing companies. She worked in CIMEX for twelve years as the CFO of the entire holding company and the vice-chair of the board of directors of the parent company. In 2006, Monika joined the team of TACOMA (currently RSM CZ) as the manager of the Corporate Finance Department. She was in charge of more than 30 successful transactions, particularly mergers and acquisitions as well as numerous financing and refinancing projects. In 2010, Monika was appointed a managing partner responsible for the management of the entire company. Under her management, TACOMA became a part of one of the world’s largest consulting networks – RSM International. Monika regularly ranks among the TOP 25 Women of Czech Business.

RSM CZ is a leading consultancy firm providing comprehensive tax, accounting and payroll consultancy, valuation and management consulting services. RSM CZ specialises in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and trust services.

RSM International is a network present in 120 countries, with 718 offices that employ 37,500people. RSM International’s activities are well known primarily in America, Asia andthe UK. RSM CZ provides a wide range of consulting services to companies in local markets as well as major international clients. More information about RSM International is available at

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