Czech Republic


European Court of Justice: Czech Republic excessively restricts the possibility of reducing VAT on bad debts

In one of its most recent judgments, the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) was considering a dispute between a Czech VAT payer and the Czech tax administration regarding the possibility of adjusting (reducing) output VAT on debts owed by an insolvent debtor who ceased to be a taxable person. Under the Czech VAT Act, this […]

Waiting period system is to be cancelled on 1 July 2019

From 1 July 2019, employees will once again be entitled to compensation for temporary incapacity for work also for the first three days of their illness. How does it work now and what is going to change in July? The current system of wage compensation during incapacity for work was introduced in 2009. The compensation […]

RSM is Netsuite’s Partner of the Year 2019

At this year’s NetSuite – SuiteWorld 2019 in Las Vegas, RSM was announced as Worldwide Solution Provider Partner 2019 for Oracle NetSuite. SuiteWorld – the annual key event of Oracle NetSuite – aims to celebrate successful collaboration with customers and partners. The in-house cloud solution NetSuite is the center of attention. In 2019, RSM continues […]

Tax package for 2019 already in effect

We wish to inform you that a package of tax measures for 2019 has been adopted. Some of the provisions came into effect on 1 April 2019. Value added tax Regarding VAT, there have been major changes in the corrections of tax base and VAT amounts. The main changes effective since 1 April 2019 are […]

Before entering into liquidation, under new rules, companies are required to substantiate to a notary that they face no criminal prosecution

Voluntary liquidation is one of the options for closing down a company. The liquidation process entails numerous obligations, including providing evidence that no criminal prosecution has been brought against the company under Section 32(2) of the Corporate Criminal Liability Act. Compliance with this new obligation must be substantiated to the notary before the company’s entry […]

European businesses warn that Brexit is damaging UK’s trading reputation

Brexit has put Britain’s reputation as an international trading hub at risk, according to RSM International, the leading global network of audit, tax and consulting firms focused on the middle market. The UK’s inability to agree an exit deal, just eight days away from their initial agreed exit date, has had a significant impact on […]

Invitation to join us for a webinar: Safeguard your business from phishing attacks

RSM professionals are preparing a series of cyber security seminars for you. These workshops are primarily intended for people whose background is not IT management, but who routinely use it in their work. It is about drawing attention to issues for people in leadership positions in order to understand the possible impacts of cyber attacks. […]

Ground-breaking judgment of the Constitutional Court – VAT payers entitled to the refund of an undisputed part of excess VAT

In another ground-breaking judgment relating to taxation, the Constitutional Court has ruled in favour of VAT payers. The Constitutional Court has been more and more often considering disputes between VAT payers and tax authorities, where the tax authority has withheld the entire excess VAT while contesting only some performance and considering the other undisputed. In […]

Invitation to join us for a webinar: Brexit and the impact on VAT

With only a few weeks to go (effective date 29 March, 2019) and still no sign of an agreement between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU), many tax authorities are gearing up for a hard Brexit. A “hard Brexit” means a number of things, but critically it means customs-controlled borders, which introduces […]

NetSuite – Welcome to the future of ERP solutions

For 20 years, NetSuite has been changing enterprise processes. The world’s most successful cloud system provides ERP and financial management, ecommerce, customer care and service automation. Data is stored in a single, unified database, keeping all important information within arm’s reach. NETSUITE is a global as well as local solution NetSuite consolidates management and financial […]