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Failure to deposit financial statements in the Collection of Deeds as a risk of company dissolution

Each company is obliged to publish mandatory documents in the Collection of Deeds kept for each company by a commercial court. What penalties may be imposed for a failure to do so? And are there any changes ahead? Such mandatory documents include founding documents, financial statements, annual reports and related-party reports. This obligation has been […]

Insufficient capacity? The solution is payroll outsourcing

You may be now facing the same problem as many other employers: insufficient capacity and substitutability of your employees, or finding and training of new employees. Unemployment in the Czech Republic has been at its lowest level for many months. As a result, HR management issues have become more and more uncomfortable for companies. For […]

With unemployment down, the demand for qualified labour is up

Unemployment in the Czech Republic has hit its lowest ever level. According to analysts, this trend is expected to continue. On the other hand, the number of vacancies has increased, also as a result of seasonal work. Figures from the Eurostat agency show that the Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in the whole […]

Merging into RSM CZ and RSM Consulting SK

Dear clients, Please be informed that as of 1 May 2018 the Czech companies RSM TACOMA, RSM Infinity and RSM TACOMA Family Office have merged into one company, RSM CZ a.s. At the same time, a similar merger has been undertaken in Slovakia where the Slovak companies RSM TACOMA Consulting and RSM Infinity Slovakia have […]

Transfer pricing audits – even tax authorities make mistakes

With increasing determination, tax authorities continue with their inspections of transfer pricing policies. Nevertheless, even they sometimes take unlawful steps we should all know about, either when preparing or later defending our transfer pricing rules. In one of its recent judgments, the Czech Supreme Administrative Court (“SAC”) stood up for a taxpayer and ruled that […]

Average multiples by sector and comparison with stock exchange data¹

Do you wish to get an indicative valuation of your company? One of the options is to apply sector multiples. However, this might not be as simple as it seems. Valuation based on market comparison is one of the methods that are based on capital market analyses. This method relies on the basic valuation premise […]

We lecture at the University of Economics in Prague (VŠE)

For the second time in this semester, RSM CZ&SK advisers presented lectures at the largest and the most prestigious university of economics in the Czech Republic, VŠE. Our company was first well represented by RSM Technology who introduced the students to NetSuite’s Cloud ERP System. In the next stage of the semester, they were joined […]

New public register of beneficial owners

With effect from 1 January 2018, legal entities and trusts have been subject to a new obligation to record beneficial ownership in the register of beneficial owners. The public register has been established by an amendment to Act No. 304/2014 Sb., on Public Registers of Legal Entities and Individuals and on the Register of Trusts […]

RSM CZ&SK sets up a new department of Transaction Advisory Services, with Lenka Zdražilová as the manager

The new department of Transaction Advisory Services has been created in response to the growing demand for transactional services. The focus of the department is mainly on financial and economic due diligence, financial reports (such as a transition from US GAAP to CZ GAAP), the preparation of opening balance sheets and consolidated financial statements, merger […]

Using keyboard shortcuts in date fields

In this video, we look at the ways in which keyboard shortcuts can be used to speed up data entry into date fields in NetSuite.