Czech Republic


Using your vacation time

Holidays are in full swing, which means it is a good time to remind you of the rules for using your vacation time, particularly from last year. It is very common, particularly with management positions, sales representatives etc., that the employer is unable to provide to these employees a vacation time long enough to use […]

RSM pushes forward growth strategy in China

Merger to result in 40% growth RSM, the leading global network of audit, tax and consulting firms, has announced that its Chinese member firm Huapu Tianjian Certified Public Accountants (Huapu Tianjian) is finalising a merger with a significant part of a leading firm in China. The new combined organisation will rename to RSM China [容诚], […]

Obligations of Czech companies – do not forget

We would like to use this opportunity to remind you and to introduce to you some of the acts that have already been implemented and should be reflected in your business. The reason we are opening this discussion now is the fact that some obligations are often neglected in the course of doing business or […]

New notification obligation regarding income paid abroad applicable as of the end of May

As we have informed you, most changes affecting income taxes that were adopted as part of the ‘2019 tax package’ will only enter into effect in 2020 or as of the tax period beginning after 1 April 2019. But if you have foreign relationships, there is one inconspicuous change that may also affect you – […]

European Court of Justice: Right to deduct VAT on fuel cards

In one of its recent judgements, the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) has created uncertainty for a number of VAT payers. Those affected are taxable persons who use various fuel and similar cards to purchase fuel and naturally treat such transactions as a supply of goods (fuel) between a petrol station, a card provider/administrator and […]

European Court of Justice: Czech Republic excessively restricts the possibility of reducing VAT on bad debts

In one of its most recent judgments, the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) was considering a dispute between a Czech VAT payer and the Czech tax administration regarding the possibility of adjusting (reducing) output VAT on debts owed by an insolvent debtor who ceased to be a taxable person. Under the Czech VAT Act, this […]

System of electronic certificates of temporary incapacity for work: What changes are ahead?

In connection with the planned introduction of electronic certificates of incapacity for work, we provide you with more information about the changes brought about by the new system. We trust that you will find this simple outline useful and helpful in understanding the new system that is to simplify the paperwork for employers, employees and […]

Waiting period system is to be cancelled on 1 July 2019

From 1 July 2019, employees will once again be entitled to compensation for temporary incapacity for work also for the first three days of their illness. How does it work now and what is going to change in July? The current system of wage compensation during incapacity for work was introduced in 2009. The compensation […]

Intergenerational transfer of competencies

The current issue of our newsletter looks at intergenerational transfer. But this time, it is not about the transfer of wealth but the transfer of competencies and the responsibility for the management of family wealth. The intergenerational transfer of family wealth is one of the fundamental issues faced by each successful family. Besides the transfer […]

RSM is Netsuite’s Partner of the Year 2019

At this year’s NetSuite – SuiteWorld 2019 in Las Vegas, RSM was announced as Worldwide Solution Provider Partner 2019 for Oracle NetSuite. SuiteWorld – the annual key event of Oracle NetSuite – aims to celebrate successful collaboration with customers and partners. The in-house cloud solution NetSuite is the center of attention. In 2019, RSM continues […]