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Emerging technologies allow companies to do more with less available resources, implement smarter processes that automate many functions, and focus on higher value-added activities.

Although effective use of technology can significantly increase efficiency and productivity, companies often struggle to manage, enhance, and secure critical data. In addition, they feel a lack of talent and find it difficult to attract, develop and retain innovative technologies and digital resources.

It is also a question of how to look at your corporate infrastructure. As part of our services, we also work with customers who are looking for a new ERP solution, not only because they are growing and the existing system is no longer enough or does not meet their requirements, but also because they would like to narrow their corporate infrastructure. As part of ERP analysis, in the first step we focus on your processes and requirements for the new system. Thanks to these findings, we can manage the so-called RFP, where all requirements will be recorded – functional, technical, integration and issues related to project management. The next step is to find potential suppliers who can meet the recorded requirements, or we will provide the communication with the client ourselves. Then follows the presentation of selected systems, evaluation of offers together with our recommendations.

Do you want to learn more about our work and our view, for example, what not to forget when choosing an ERP solution?

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