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Process Analysis

In the first step of understanding your business, it is crucial to map all the processes in the current state to deeply understand how your operation works, what are your areas with potential to improve. This comes with the well-documented process maps and flows that can help you with making further decisions.

As part of the process map we also offer preparation of DMAIC map from lean six sigma methodology where we can also use lean six sigma methodology to directly identify processes for improvement.

  1. Define Project
  2. Measure Performance
  3. Analyze Root Causes
  4. Improve Performance
  5. Control Performance

GAP Analysis & Process Recommendations

After having your processes Process Analysis & Design mapped in detail, it is very important to perform Gap Analysis. On the one hand, analyze where are you heading if you decide not to change anything in your organization, and on the other hand where you want to be or where is your potential to be. Based on this comparison, team of our highly skilled solution architects and process consultants can provide you recommendations for automated solutions or process changes that will elevate your business to the next level and prepare you for the implementation project. 

Process Design & Improvement Strategy

As a next step, we are providing the process design and improvement strategy planning that is aiming to build your processes in most efficient way for your organization.

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