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In today’s rapidly changing economy, business leaders are facing challenges in how to attract, engage, manage and retain their talent. The rate of technology change, the increasing demand for unique skills and increased regulatory requirements all create challenges in attracting and developing a diverse workforce. Quickly and effectively responding to the business needs of your employees by optimizing process and technologies while mitigating risk enables you to drive growth, productivity and profitability.

RSM’s people and organization practice takes an integrated approach to optimizing your human resources (HR) and talent functions. We combine our experience in key functional areas with an understanding of your overall operations and business needs in order to help solve your complex business issues.

Key components of people and organization strategy

Optimizing your people and organization components are vital to success in today’s competitive markets. Some questions that your company should consider include:

  • Do our people have the right capabilities to be successful? Have we created an environment for employees to be engaged and effective at work? Are we doing enough to retain and develop our people?
  • Do we have opportunities to optimize or outsource processes to save cost and drive productivity?
  • Are we using the right tools to recruit, train, manage and compensate talent? Do our people have the right technology to help them be productive at work? Are our HR systems opening us up to risk?
  • Is our organization compliant with HR regulations, ensuring the business is not at risk? Does our HR function have the right controls in place to protect our business and talent?

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