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Finance functions transformation

We work with you to understand your current position, define where you want to be, and support you through the transformation. We define practical, deliverable plans to take you to the next level. That might involve changes to technology, processes or people (roles, culture, skills). It will probably require changes to all three.

  • Review and optimization of your business processes and methodologies – based on analyses of your processes (end to end finance process including accounting, logistics, CRM, case management, operations, human resources etc) and specific requirements, we design new effective process, documented procedures that capture best practice.
    As part of optimization of process, we also offer compliance with your finance policies and local statutory requirements. We have experience dealing with internal controls environment, SOX and ISO.
  • Business and process mapping – preparation of GAP Analysis.
  • Identify and bring full cycle finance processes and technical improvements, system upgrades and conversions.
  • Implementation and design optimization of ERP system
  • Analyze, design and implement finance process improvements to increase efficiency, establish controls and monitor compliance.
    Where technology is required as part of the transformation, we can advise on the right approach to software selection and implementation. And should you select one of them, our strategic partnerships with NetSuite, Microsoft and Host Analytics mean we have the implementation and change skills to help you get the most out of these technologies, and to deliver successful change.
  • Business Excellence implementation – design and set up effective Management Operating System. To make sure that your processes are under control in the long-run, we are providing tools and methodologies to monitor process performance and ensure that process improvements are maintained.
    Our process team can design and implement Full Visual Management → visual indicators, displays and controls used throughout the process as well as:

      • Daily Dashboards together with KPI → showing process performance with financial volumes together with Control Charts.
    • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) → metrics designed to track and encourage progress towards critical goals of the organization (lagging and leading metrics)
    • Pareto analyses → showing data identifying and prioritizing the major causes problem in the process
    • RACI matrix → define and showing responsibilities across processes
    • Skill matrix, Capacity study → in order to plan your resources in best effective way
    • Standardized Work Instruction → documented procedure that captures best practice including the time to complete each task
    • High level and Detailed level Process Maps → to provide context of scope of process being analyzed
    • SIPOC → it defines customer process and how they measure the performance as well as supplier and process requirements on what they provide to the process.
  • Managed and developed competency coverage through cross-training, leadership development and succession planning – preparation of Skill matrix, Capacity study
  • Analyse and design Centralized Service Centres from finance functions dispersed across multiple geographies.

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Head of NetSuite

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