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The future of finance is in the hands of CFOs, which is why we have included consulting services for CFOs or CFOs in our portfolio. In addition to the fact that financial managers are currently facing issues such as digitization and new technologies, there are also issues on the agenda that have always bothered CFOs.

CFO Agenda services are designed to help your organization build and optimize its financial target operating model and streamline processes. We help financial leaders establish themselves as experienced professionals in the organization and combine our extensive financial and accounting knowledge with a holistic view of your organization, including digital and business transformation services.

With our consultants we can help you with the agenda:

CFO Strategic Services

CFOs are constantly looking at their business and considering significant operational, financial, and service shifts within the organization. Determining the vision and plan for the transformation of your financial organization is essential for the long-term success of the company. Change is often difficult for companies, but it is an essential element for growth and allows companies to take advantage of strategic opportunities and adapt to economic factors. Companies come to RSM to help assess the benefits of potential operational changes, including: Reducing costs to become more operationally efficient, while providing better customer service on demand, and, finally, freeing up working capital for relocation.

Closing processes and financial reporting

Take control and gain efficiency in the financial statement process, which will also improve your financial reporting. An example is the closing process. The closing process can be a scarecrow not only in the first months, but in the entire fiscal year. If you have well-set up processes and reliable systems, this may not be the case. From our experience, we can state that a large part of companies does not have the closing process fully completed, which may be the result of insufficient accounting processes.

Optimization of finance and accounting processes

Modification of accounting processes, such as the Review of Chart of Accounts – or modification of the chart of accounts. The chart of accounts problem can be a common denominator for many companies, for example, when a company grows significantly and does not have a structure in reporting, it creates a new account for each account and thus inflates the chart of accounts.

How to improve your closing process? Read our article and get inspired:

You can put the nightmare called the closing of accounts behind you! Entrust it to us and deal with more important things


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