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Raiffeisen – Leasing Real Estate – Valuation of photovoltaic power plants



We have prepared appraisal models of more than twenty photovoltaic power plants, including one wind power plant, for Raiffeisen – Leasing Real Estate, s.r.o., as part of an audit and for management purposes. The aim was to determine the market values of the power generating plants. We based our efforts on a pool of several dozen similar power generating plants that we appraised in the past two years. 

Client satisfaction

Jiří Kašek, Managing Director: “When choosing a company to evaluate the portfolio of alternative resource projects, our criteria included, in addition to a reasonable price, a sufficient capacity/time flexibility and willingness to explain the valuation approach in detail. In my opinion, the RSM TACOMA team is very professional and able to explain and stand behind the assumptions they use so that the final valuation is not an incomprehensible “black box”. Consequently, the expectations were quite clear from the very beginning, which greatly simplified the whole process, including subsequent discussions with our auditors.”


How we helped

Radka Svobodová: “The valuation of more than 20 photovoltaic power plants for Raiffeisen – Leasing Real Estate was a challenge as well as an interesting project. We prepared high-quality supporting documents for the client and the auditor’s further work and decision-making”.

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