Czech Republic

GEMO Olomouc, spol. s r.o.: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Interconnected and Unified the Company Processes


GEMO OLOMOUC, spol. s r.o., construction company

The excellent choice to implement the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV and integrate the existing systems enabled us to get ahead of our competitors in these difficult times. The new system also expanded and streamlined processes within the company.Ing. Antonín Hlavinka, Head of the Controlling and IT Division


GEMO Olomouc, spol. s r.o. implements projects in the construction industry in the Czech Republic and elsewhere. It uses three information systems to support its activities and decided to upgrade and interconnect them in one integrated system. Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which coordinates and synchronizes all shared information and prevents duplications, became the basis of the new system. Employees thus have any necessary information at hand.


GEMO had chosen Microsoft Dynamics-Navision as their ERP, and had used Navision version 2.6 from 2002. When they were deciding about a new system, the choice fell on Microsoft Dynamics NAV once again, in the new version 5.

The main reason for reselecting the Microsoft system was that the staff knew the principles of its operation and were used to it, which made the transition from the old system to the new one easier for them.

Infinity a.s., with its highly experienced analytical and implementation teams and the stable background of a large multinational company, was selected as the implementation partner. Infinity a.s. best captured the needs of GEMO and offered the best ratio between the quality of provided services and the total cost of the solution.


GEMO was founded in 1990. Since its inception, it has grown more than tenfold. Currently, it has 450 permanent employees and consists of 8 individual units. The turnover amounted to CZK 1.8 billion before 2005; in 2007 it was CZK 3.7 billion.

In 2007, the company expanded their business premises by opening a modern logistics centre in Hněvotín with shared parameters in the EU, and introduced a new system of transportation logistics and organization. The administrative building extension was constructed and final principal changes were implemented, turning the company into a modern construction enterprise.

By 2008, the company had used the following as part of its information systems:

  • Navision version 2.60
  • IPOS (construction & production software)
  • DMS (Document Management System from AiP Safe)

The new information system implementation aimed at preserving this structure, upgrading all systems to the latest version, and performing a technological hardware upgrade (under the company’s own management). The main objectives also included interconnecting these systems closely so that they would meet the communication requirements and data duplication would be minimized.

Business Impacts

GEMO Olomouc, spol. s r.o.  has grown more than tenfold since its inception. It currently has 450 permanent employees and comprises 8 individual units. The turnover amounted to CZK 1.8 billion before 2005; in 2007 it was CZK 3.7 billion.