Lucerna resolved after ten years

The Supreme Court in Prague confirmed the decision of the Municipal Court in Prague relating to a lengthy dispute over the ownership of one half of the Lucerna Palace. It took more than ten years from the beginning of the dispute to issue the ruling which has been based on an expert opinion prepared by RSM CZ. The key point of  the dispute was the determination of an accurate and realistic price for a half share of the respective real estate. Based on this price, the court was to rule whether the purchase of the ownership right by Dagmar Havlová from C.H.R. (Chemapol Reality) in 1999 was either conducted and completed under alleged favourable conditions or not. More than 10 expert opinions and specialist evaluations relating to the price were entered into the file, including expert opinions executed by two institutes authorized directly by the court.  In  autumn 2010 RSM CZ Valuation was appointed in order to prepare a new expert opinion giving clear conclusions and justified methods in the way of performing the valuation, thus providing the court with  solid grounds upon which it could base its final decision. We are pleased that our work, completed precisely and professionally, helped to solve this long-running dispute, albeit surrounded by numerous supposed ‘expert opinions’, that had been obstructing the development of this significant Prague historical site. Please note that well prepared expert opinions are the key to resolving  legal disputes and arbitrations. RSM CZ Valuation specialises in expert opinions for the purposes of legal disputes and arbitrations. More information here For more information contact us.