Paternity leave – a new sickness insurance benefit

On 1 February 2018 an amendment to the Sickness Insurance Act will come into force that has introduced one-week paternity leave for new dads. We have more details for you below. Fathers will become entitled to paternity leave if their baby is born within six months before the effective date of the amendment, i.e. on 21 December 2017 and later. New dads become entitled to paternity leave if they wish to care for their own child – the man must be registered as the child’s father with the Register Office. Paternity leave is also available for men who take a child into foster care (substitute parental care). Paternity leave may begin within six weeks of the child’s birth. Paternity leave is provided for one week (seven calendar days) and must be taken in full and must not be suspended. Paternity leave may also be taken for the period when the child and his mother are looked after in a health care facility.

Paternity post-natal care benefits:

It is a benefit paid from sickness insurance that is calculated from the daily assessment basis in the same way as sickness benefits or maternity benefits. The average daily pay will be reduced based on reduction thresholds that are the following in 2017:
  • 100% of income up to CZK 942 is included;
  • 60% of income from CZK 942 to CZK 1,412 is included;
  • 30% of income from CZK 1,412 to CZK 2,824 is included;
  • Income exceeding CZK 2,824 is disregarded.
Subsequently, 70 % of the daily assessment basis calculated as outlined above is included. The employer must not carry out work in the employment in which the benefit is granted. The employer is obliged to provide the employee with paid leave for the period of the paternity leave. We will be pleased to assist you with your payroll requirements. If you are considering outsourcing your payroll, please do not hesitate to contact us.