Health Care Reforms Bringing Changes to Employers and Employees

Dear business partners, We would like to inform you about the health care reforms which have brought about the changes to the system of employees´ health checks and also apply to the obligations of employers. For information on the key changes, see the following list:
  • Regardless of the number of employees, each employer is obliged to contract a doctor for the purposes of health care provision in the workplace.
  • According to the amended regulation, an employer is obliged to pay the costs for any medical opinions provided, (this does not apply to the medical opinions issued after any kind of hazardous work had been accomplished, or the medical opinions assessing the occurrence of job-related illnesses).
  • Where an applicant does not undergo an entrance health check, he/she is regarded as incapable of performing any work and must not start working in the particular position. This obligation also covers employees working on the so called ‘agreement on the performance of work’ (dohoda o pracovní činnosti) or agreement on the work to be completed (dohoda o provedení práce).
    • The entrance health check is paid for by an applicant; an employer may reimburse the applicant for the costs on condition that the employee agrees to contract this employee or both parties agree to that.
    • If the performed work belongs to the first category according to the Act on the protection of public health (regular administrative work) and regulation No.  432/2003 Coll., and the working relationship is not regulated by other labour laws, the medical opinion can be issued by the employee´s / applicant´s general doctor.
  • The Employer is obliged to issue an application giving the necessary details of the type of work, schedule and working conditions, from  which information the medical opinion is performed.
  • The Employer has the right to demand that the employee undergoes an extra-ordinary work-related health check if the employer doubts the employees capability for work.
I hope that you find the aforementioned information useful. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your payroll accountant who will be pleased to provide you with further information.