RSM is on track to be the fastest growing consulting network in Slovakia. After the merger with LEON Tax, it will double its business

To become an important player on the Slovak consulting market, to enable local businesses to better cope with the effects of economic turbulence, and to give a new impetus to the entire Czech and Slovak economic area. These are the main goals behind the merger of Slovak RSM and LEON Tax, which should be a significant milestone in the growth of both regional branches of RSM, and help them reach ten-digit revenues within seven years.

LEON Tax is one of the stalwarts of the Slovak market and one of the largest independent companies engaged in outsourcing tax services, accounting, but also economic analysis and process or project consulting. It currently has more than 100 clients, mostly global corporations running subsidiaries in Slovakia. The partnership with RSM took the form of a merger.

A new entity was established on the Slovak market with the capacity to serve hundreds of clients and offer a full portfolio of global standard consulting services. In addition, it will be able to join forces with other offices worldwide, which is a great message for Czech businesses expanding to Slovakia and vice versa. RSM will thus become one of the major international players on the Slovak consulting services market. And also the plans for further growth are ambitious.

With LEON Tax, we boast a strong team offering accounting, payroll and tax services for Slovak and global clients. Our ambition is to grow the team to at least fifty people and within three years offer clients in Slovakia the same range of services as in the Czech Republic,” said Monika Marečková, Managing Partner of RSM Czech Republic & Slovakia. “Especially SMEs will benefit from the fact that we will be able to offer comprehensive services for the Czech and Slovak market, with a deep understanding of how both markets work,” she added.

Milan Černák, the existing managing partner of LEON Tax, will move to the same position at RSM in Slovakia. The position of the Branch Manager for the Slovak market will continue to be represented by Juraj Polák.

Slovak companies will face unprecedented transformation pressure in the coming years, which will be very significant for such a specific market. Companies will either rise to the challenge and become stronger from the crisis or face a strong wave of consolidation,” said Milan Černák, Managing Partner of RSM in Slovakia. “We are there for everyone who wants to make the most of the upcoming situation. To lay the joint foundations for a new generation of businesses whose ambitions will not be hindered by inherent process inefficiencies or, for example, a low level of digitalisation. I trust the Slovak market and now, thanks to RSM, we have great new opportunities to support it during these uneasy times,” added Černák.

Milan Černák and Monika Marečková would together like to repeat the Czech scenario in Slovakia. The domestic branch of RSM is considered the “miracle of Central Europe” in the entire network. Under Monika Marečková’s leadership, it has become the fastest growing in the group of small countries, and was also named one of the three branches with the strongest digital competence of all the network’s branches.

Within the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we have an ambition to grow by approximately 20% this year. And reach forty million EUR in revenue by 2030. It is an ambitious plan, but we certainly do not grow without improving ourselves. Whether it’s investing in start-ups that allow us to work more efficiently or merging with partners with whom we share values – as in the case of LEON Tax. I personally consider this merger a major milestone on our Czech-Slovak journey,” added Monika Marečková.

RSM contributors

Monika Marečková

Managing Partner RSM CZ & SK

Milan Černák

Managing Partner RSM SK

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