Strong combination of consultancy and technology business: RSM CZ and Infinity become affiliates

RSM CZ and Infinity have become affiliates. We combine the long-established consultancy business of RSM CZ with the modern technologies of Infinity, thus creating a team of 220 experts with a projected turnover of EUR 13,5 million in 2014. “The fastest growing segment of traditional consultancy is outsourcing, where we have seen an increase in sales by dozens of percentage points in a year and an increasing interest of clients. This is strongly fuelled by the flourishing online world where we can check our operation from any place. In addition, it does not matter whether ancillary activities such as accounting, payroll processing, document keeping and workflow are outsourced or carried out by ourselves,” said Monika Marečková, the managing partner of RSM CZ, commenting on the union. By bringing together the technologies of Infinity with its long-established consultancy, RSM CZ will be able to further develop its services and offer modern and user-friendly products that can be operated by our clients from any mobile device anywhere in the world. Today, we are already offering a common payroll and HR application, and more projects will be started in the following months. We are also ready to offer a joint solution in system integrations and IS implementation, along with related accounting, payroll and HR management, and tax consultancy,” she added. Jaroslav Procházka, Infinity’s CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, added: “Having formally confirmed the cooperation between RSM CZ and Infinity, we will allow our clients to create and maintain the high value of their business in a fast changing environment. The agreement is a formal follow-up to our close collaboration in previous implementation projects in the Czech Republic and central Europe.”

About RSM CZ

RSM CZ is a major consulting company providing comprehensive services in tax, accounting and payroll consultancy and valuations. We specialize in mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, and trust services. Having been on the market since 1993 as TACOMA, a.s., we have acted as RSM CZ since 1 July 2011 due to our joining RSM International, the world’s seventh largest network of independent consulting companies. The network consists of  111 countries, 718 offices worldwide and 35,396 employees including 3,221 partners. RSM International’s activities are well known primarily in America, Asia, and Great Britain. The network has not had an agency in the Czech Republic until now, with the addition of our company. We are able to provide a whole range of consulting services to both companies in local markets and major international clients. You can learn more about the RSM International network at For more information please visit Logo-RSM-TACOMA-248x101

About Infinity

Established in 1992, Infinity is a provider of comprehensive IT services (system integration, IS implementation, network designing and implementation, data communication solutions, application software development and extensive installation projects and outsourcing). Infinity is based in Pardubice with offices in Prague, Brno, Teplice and České Budějovice, and subsidiaries in Teplice and Bratislava. For more information visit INFINITY-248x63