Vodovody a kanalizace Hodonín, a.s.: Microsoft Dynamics Helps Streamline Services Provided by the Waterworks

logo_vak Vodovody a kanalizace Hodonín, a.s., water supply and sewage company, supply the population and the industry with drinking water, and provide sewage disposal services, operation of sewage treatment plants, and other related services.

Through their professional approach and comprehensive knowledge of the issues we needed to address, Infinity a.s. helped us quickly resolve the current difficult situation, optimized our company software, and subsequently enabled better support to our business processes. Ing. Martin Galečka, Commercial and Economic Deputy Manager


To integrate the FAVOS module for recording and invoicing water rents, sewage charges, and related services to the internationally respected Microsoft Dynamics solution.


Infinity a.s., the exclusive author of the FAVOS module designed specially for the water engineering industry, took charge of the system implementation, which was launched in October 2009. This module, developed in accordance with the conditions and needs of the Czech market, has been incorporated into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 SP1 integrated business solution used by thousands of companies around the world. Thus a unique, internationally compatible environment that fully respects Czech conditions and Czech legislation as regards take-off records, consumption calculations and billing, as well as follow-up agendas, especially records, claims, enforcements of outstanding payments, accounting, and tax liabilities.

In January 2010, the system was put into routine operation, and two months later it was handed over to Vodovody a kanalizace Hodonín, a.s. for full utilization.


Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV streamlined and accelerated the business processes of Vodovody a kanalizace Hodonín, a.s., which as a result enhanced customer satisfaction, supported the company management, enabled process control, and simplified mutual information sharing.

Integration of the FAVOS module into the Microsoft Dynamics environment is the first step towards enterprise-wide integration of the applied classification codes, records of customers and suppliers, balance monitoring, and accounting. All users now have easy access to the information that they need, with better orientation, and flexible evaluation options:

  • With the newly implemented system, a sales officer communicating with a customer can get an instant overview of the history of respective end user points and the user’s payment habits, without being forced to switch between different modules.
  • Changes requested by a customer, who simply enters them into the system, are immediately reflected in other functions, such as the capability that proposes collection orders. Changes can be also ordered for future implementation.
  • Newly entered end user points are immediately reflected in the defined meter reading routes and, at the right time, exported to the meter reading devices where readings are performed. Cancelled end user points are continuously removed from the meter reading routes. The system records and uses information about interrelated consumption (e.g. due to any necessary concurrent meter readings).
  • The recording operations also include monitoring managed devices (water meters, including those installed in gardens, owned by another, etc.), watching the validity of calibration and registration of assemblies, disassemblies, and replacements.
  • The process of information sharing among employees, from the commencement of a contractual relationship through the reading of water meters and billing of consumption to enforcement of outstanding payments, if applicable. The period of time from on-site reading to billing the customer has been shortened, mailed documents are clearer and contain all necessary information. Fast billing has a positive impact on corporate cash flow.
  • When the customer’s payment habits are poor, the system is able, under the preset conditions, to generate an order to eliminate or completely stop the water supply. Thanks to this, financial losses incurred due to bad debts are minimized.
  • Simple and intuitive control, which is typical and identical for all Microsoft products, assures quick initial training of new employees.
The high degree of sharing and rapid information processing enables subsequent compilation of statistical and summary reports that facilitate the management and control processes at the management level. The new system is thus beneficial to all levels of the company.

Business Impacts

Currently, the company supplies drinking water to 68 municipalities and 45 villages, and it provides drainage, which includes the operation of 24 waste-water treatment plants.

Vodovody a kanalizace Hodonín, a.s. is a holder of CSN EN ISO 9001:2009 certified quality management system.