Kiekert-CS Bet on a Cloud Infrastructure from Avaya


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We have had good experience with the Avaya network solution that was implemented by Infinity at our company. For us, the migration to VENA architecture was a logical step, taken to maintain the maximum possible safety, functionality, and efficiency of our infrastructure. Dušan Herbs, IT team, Kiekert-CS, s.r.o.


Kiekert-CS, s.r.o. decided to create an efficient cloud infrastructure. This network solution was based on virtualization. The new infrastructure was to be installed as soon as possible. The first phase of the VENA architecture from Avaya Inc. was to be installed in the company’s production plant in Přelouč.


Two Virtual Services Platform 7000 switching hubs, configured in a cluster regime, were used in the network centre. A set of element stacks of the Ethernet Routing Switch 4800 was connected to them by dual-homing. Backbone links (for nodes with a higher number of users) in this network have 10 gigabits, while 1-gigabit links are used in other switchboards.   

Although the topology of interconnection of every backbone switch with central switches is triangular, the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) was not used in this solution, because the operation control is ensured by the cluster technology of backbone switches. This has two principal favourable effects:

•  Both connections are active (in the case of STP, one connection is always blocked),

•  In case of a failure of any of the backbone elements or another route to the connecting elements, convergention is significantly faster than in the case of STP and RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol).

Infinity technicians implemented the whole project within six months.


The company created an efficient cloud infrastructure on the Avaya platform. Avaya is the global leader in this area; among other things, they delivered network solutions and telecommunication devices for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. As an implementation partner, Infinity carried out the full scope of the contract. 

Business Impacts

The IT team in Kiekert-CS has had very good experience with the corporate network solution from Avaya. The migration to VENA architecture was an important step in maintaining the maximum possible safety, functionality, and efficiency of the company’s infrastructure.